Montag, 30. April 2012


1,2piecefest III singles&couples with machines 1 night musik fest in darmstadt - oetinger villa
7pm sektem
pfang + performance by YOUNG JOO LEE----Frankfurt/KOR
Modern Witch-----Amsterdam / U.S. "Discoparty in a witchhouse-cellar"

Hush Hush----Berlin / U.S. "Prince with a beard "

Man From Uranus----Cambridge / U.K.
"A musical
science friction by the unborn child of Jean-Jaques Perrey"

Spoelstra----Amsterdam / NL "Boutros Boubba Solist trying out his gear"

12 Volt Disko----Darmstadt / D "optimus prime number one of portable disko sound tagging."
James Reindeer----UK
"english rapping man in no york kicking oskar wildestyles."

Monopeople ----Trier / GER "Noiserocktwins ohne Bierbauch"

"Serving cocktails for lone- and twosome drinking"

in between:
TWIN-HAIRCUT-STATION---MZ/FFM "Pandrogeny starts with a haircut"
"*Dj Fireball* *Zink Tonsur* *ClaudesPlayliste* playing music for lone- and twosome dancing."

Dienstag, 1. November 2011

1,2 number three

we are starting to book for the 3rd  1, 2 Piecefest !

more soon !